Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let the "Fancy-ing" Wars Begin!

Alright Pinterest fans, check out the new high-end Pinterest competitor Fancy, which features gorgeous products, amazing vacations, inspirational art and more. Unlike Pinterest which allows users to "Fancy" them and actually purchase them through their site. Fancy founder Joseph Einhorn says, "Rather than going to Amazon or Google and searching for stuff I intend to buy, in the future in the commerce game, I think getting hotel destinations, finding cool products, or discovering fashion items will be done through the people I admire and trust. From a consumer perspective, I'm able to go to this website, where I'm finding out about the coolest stuff in the world, and instead of clicking, signing up, and giving my address and contact info to a million different websites, I am able to shop right inside, whether it's on the website or the iPad, iPhone, or Android app, and go all the way through to checkout in an integrated experience." Let the "Pinning", or rather, "Fancy-ing" wars begin! And add me once you sign up, a process that takes all of 30 seconds:

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