Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let the "Fancy-ing" Wars Begin!

Alright Pinterest fans, check out the new high-end Pinterest competitor Fancy, which features gorgeous products, amazing vacations, inspirational art and more. Unlike Pinterest which allows users to "Fancy" them and actually purchase them through their site. Fancy founder Joseph Einhorn says, "Rather than going to Amazon or Google and searching for stuff I intend to buy, in the future in the commerce game, I think getting hotel destinations, finding cool products, or discovering fashion items will be done through the people I admire and trust. From a consumer perspective, I'm able to go to this website, where I'm finding out about the coolest stuff in the world, and instead of clicking, signing up, and giving my address and contact info to a million different websites, I am able to shop right inside, whether it's on the website or the iPad, iPhone, or Android app, and go all the way through to checkout in an integrated experience." Let the "Pinning", or rather, "Fancy-ing" wars begin! And add me once you sign up, a process that takes all of 30 seconds:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Color Theory

Did you know that both men & women over 70 like the color red better than any other? Why is that, you ask? As our eyes age, we sometimes lose the ability to distinguish between blues and yellows. The color that stands out the most is red, so that may be why we are more drawn to it as we age. Check out Scott Design's poll to find out other interesting color-related facts.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Check out this handy little toolbar I found today! It can be embedded on your website and direct traffic to your most important content. It is customizable, and there is a free version allowing 25 click-throughs per month. They also track your Hello Bar data and you can view your click-through rate, clicks and views by custom date ranges. See what messages and colors caused your clicks to spike or drop. You can even visualize A/B tests and choose the winner. Its a great way to highlight exactly what you would like your website audience to see first. You can see it in action on my website:

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Lost Principles of Design

Having been a designer for over 15 years now, having taken umpteen design class teaching design theory, and gotten to the point in my career where I break most of the design rules most of the time, its good to be reminded of the art form's basic principles. Let this post serve as a reminder of those original conventions that should still inform the design decisions of even the most seasoned veteran. Also, notice how these principles apply, not just to design, but to life itself more times than not. Thanks to Chad Engle from Boomtown Roy and Creative Fuel for the informative article and stylish set of wallpapers to remind us daily of the principles we love to turn on their ear.

Original Article:
Design Principles Wallpaper: